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Air Core Reactors

Protect Plant and Equipment From Damaging Power Transients


Phoenix Electric air core reactors protect your plant and equipment from damaging power surges. Reactors are designed to North American or International standards and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use on systems rated to 800 kV. Each single or multi-layer cylindrically wound reactor is custom designed for a specific application. Reactors can be used to:

  •     Reduce short circuit current levels
  •     Filter out dangerous harmonics, limit resonant system frequencies
  •     Provide neutral grounding, limit line-to-ground fault currents
  •     Limit in-rush currents/overvoltages
  •     Reduce induced/secondary transients
  •     Balance currents in parallel circuits
  •     Compensate for capacitive voltages
Heavy-duty design ensures long service life without maintenance no matter how tough your operating environment. Based on system and equipment analyses our experts will help you select the right reactor and size it to your needs.


Phoenix Electric also designs non-magnetic reactor enclosures that effectively eliminate loop and eddy currents common to metallic enclosures. Custom-designed support stands and pedestals are available.